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Description of the Sahaba (ra)

Description of the Sahaba (ra)
The Companions of the Prophet (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) were also youths, but:
They were youths, yet mature youths, their eyes fresh and free of evil, their feet refrained from approaching falsehood and futility. They sacrificed and expended themselves in worship and in withholding themselves from sleep. They sold their souls which were to pass away for souls which would never die. Allaah saw them in the latter part of the night, bending their backs, reciting the Qur'aan.

Whenever one of them came to an Ayah mentioning Paradise, he would weep, longing for it. Whenever he came upon an Ayah mentioning the fire he would groan out of fear, as if the Hell-fire were directly in front of him. The earth devoured their knees their hands and their foreheads.

They joined exhaustion in the night with exhaustion in the day. Their colour becoming yellowed and their bodies emaciated through standing long in prayer and frequent fasting - whilst they regarded their own actions to be negligible before Allaah. They fulfilled their covenant with Allaah and attained Allaah's promise.
Jamarah Khutabil 'Arab (2/475) of Ahmad Zakiyy Safwat

 Are we true belivers??? Compare The qualities of the true Believers (SAHABAH) with ourselves...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following is a description of the True Believers that is the Companions of the Prophet (saw), the SAHABAH by Hasan Al Basri (rahimahullah). Taken from the english translation of : Saviours of Islamic Spirit-By Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi.

Description of the Sahabah

Hasan Al Basari comparing the moral conditions of his own times with that of the Prophet's companions and delineating (outlining) the Islamic ethics, he observes:

"Alas, people have gone to rack and ruin through their own fond hopes and daydreams, they talk but do not act; knowledge is there but without endurance, faith they have, but no conviction, men are here, but without brains; a crowd here is , but not a single soul agreeable to one's heart; people come here simply to go away; they acknowledge the truth , then deny it and make things lawful and unlawful at their sweetwill. Is your religion a sensual delight? If you are asked 'Do you have faith in the Day of Judgment?' You say: 'Yes' But , No, it is not so! I swear by the Lord o the Day of Requital that your answer is wrong.
It's only beseeming(matching) for the faithful that he should be sound of faith and a man of conviction, his knowledge entails forbearance(patience) as moderation is an adornment for the learned. He is wise but soft-hearted, well dressed and restrained in order to conceal his indegenre, never prodigal(extravagant) even if a man of substance, charitable and compassionate to the destitute, large-hearted and generous in giving to the kinsfolk their due, strenuous and unflinching in providing justice to others; never crosses the prescribed limits in favoring his near and dear ones not does he find fault or cull out the errors of those whom he dislikes. A Muslim is indifferent to revilings and taunting, frolics and sports, decrials and backbitings. He never runs after what is not his right nor denies what he owes to others, never debases himself in seeking an apology nor takes delight in the misfortune or misdeed of others."

" Humble and submissive, devoted and enchanted, as a faithful is in his prayers, he is a messenger of cheer, his endurance is owing to the awe of Allah; his silence is for meditation and reflection; he pays attention for edification and instruction; he seeks company of the learned for acquiring knowledge; keeps mum to avoid transgression; and if he speaks, he speaks to spread the virtue. A Muslim is pleased when he acts virtuously; entreats forgiveness from the Lord when he goes astray, complains when he is aggrieved only to make for the loss sustained; is patient and prudent when an illiterate joins issue with him; proves enduring when ill-treated, he is never unjust and never seeks succor or protection from anyone save Allah the Almighty."

" Dignified in the company of their friends, praising Allah when they were left alone, content with the lawful gains. Grateful when easy of means. resigned when in distress. remembering Allah Almighty among the indolent(inactive) and craving the grace of Allah when among the pious. Such were the companions of the Prophet (saw), their associates and friends. No matter what station they occupied in life. they were held in high esteem by their compatriots and when they died, their spirit took flight to the blessed Companionship on High, as the most celebrated souls. O' Muslims, these were your righteous ancestors, but when you deviated from the right path, Allah Almighty too withheld his blessings from you. ' Lo' Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts, and if Allah willeth misfortune for a fold there is none that can repel it, nor have they a defender beside Him.' (Ar-Ra'd-11)"

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