Friday, June 1, 2012

Ten things which awaken TAQWA

There are ten things which awaken Taqwa (Fear of Allah):

1.    Fear of punishment in the next life;

2.    Fear [of punishment] in this life;

3.    Hope of worldly reward;

4.    Hope of the reward of the next world;

5.    Fear of the reckoning;

6.    Shyness and bashfulness before the gaze of Allah, and this is the station of fearful watchfulness [muraqabah];

7.    Showing gratitude for His blessings by obeying Him;

8.    Knowledge, because of His words, “They only fear Allah, of His slaves, the ones who have knowledge”;

9.    Exalting and honouring His majesty, and it is the station of awe;
      10. Sincerity in love for Allah.

Source: Al-Kalbi, Ibn Juzayy. Kitabu-t Tashil li ‘Ulumu-t Tanzil. Trans. Abdassamad Clarke. Unpublished.

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