Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Control Four to be Protected from Shaytaan

Control your self during 4 occasions to be Protected from Shaytaan

Al Hasan [RA] stated:
“If there are four things present in a person, Allah would preserve him from the Shaytaan and prevent him from entering the Fire: Whoever has control over himself during times of:
  1. Raghbah - Longing

  2. Rahbah - Fear

  3. Shahwah - Desire/Lust

  4. Ghadab - Anger.”

Ibn Rajab [RA] stated: “These four that al Hasan mentioned are the basis of all evil.”

To have Raghbah for something is to want it and believe that it is beneficial for you. So whoever has a need for something, this need may drive him to attain it through any means possible, a lot of which could be impermissible, and the object that is longed for itself could be prohibited.

Rahbah is to fear something. If a person fears something he would try to repel it by any means necessary, a lot of which may be impermissible.

Shahwah is to desire something that you take pleasure from. A person may desire a lot of things that are prohibited such as fornication, theft, alcohol, disbelief, magic, hypocrisy and innovations.

Ghadab - Anger: It is the boiling of the hearts blood to repel a harm fearing that it would take place, or to take revenge from someone who has previously caused harm. A lot of impermissible things take place as a consequence of anger, such as fighting, hitting as well as other types of oppression and transgression. A lot of impermissible forms of speech also take place such as defamation, insults, and evil words. This may even reach the level of disbelief.

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