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Have You Abandoned the Qur’an? Ibn Qayyim

Allah says in the Quran: "And the Messenger will say: '“O my Lord! My people have abandoned this Qur’an!”' [25:30]    

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: ‘Indeed, God elevates a people by this Book and debases others by it.’ [Muslim, no.817]

This hadith probably goes some way in explaining why Muslims – and what is still referred to as Muslim world – are in the plight and predicament they are in.

 In his work on miscellaneous spiritual benefits, al-Fawa’id, Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (d.751H/1350CE) describes five ways in which the Qur’an may be ignored, neglected and even deserted! Only by being aware of these ways can we offer a candid response to: Have we parted company with the Qur’an?

Abandoning the Qur’an is of various types:

Firstly, refusing to listen to it and believe in it or to pay any heed to it.

Secondly, ceasing to act on it and abide by what it declares as lawful or unlawful, even if one reads it and believes in it.

Thirdly, to abandon judging by it and being judged by it, whether in the fundamentals of the faith or in its branches; and to believe that it does not beget certainty or that its textual wordings do not beget sure knowledge.

Fourthly, neglecting to ponder over it or comprehend it; not seeking to uncover what the Speaker intended by it.

Fifthly, to abandon seeking a cure or healing through it in respect to the diseases of the heart and its maladies, but rather to seek healing for such illnesses from other than it.

All of this is included in Allah’s words: And the Messenger will say: “O my Lord! My people have abandoned this Qur’an!” [25:30] This being the case, even though certain forms of abandonment are more detestable than others.’1

1. Al-Fawa’id (Makkah: Dar ‘Alam al-Fawa’id, 2008), 118.

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