Monday, August 12, 2013

Preserving the Gains of Ramadan:10 Deeds to be continued after Ramadan

Honorable friends, we are in post-Ramadan stage, and on this occasion we should mention that every believer who fasted this noble month, prayed in its nights, recited the noble Quran, lowered his gaze from what is forbidden, and sought the halal in his income, should continue that behavior, which accompanied him during Ramadan, even after Ramadan, so that the gains are cumulative. 

The higher you climb up the ladder of faith qualitatively; you should keep it, strengthen it and build upon it for higher steps. 

With this attitude we will benefit from acts of worship, where all our gains accumulate until they reach the point that Allah the Almighty is pleased with us.

It is unreasonable to go back to the usual, unacceptable life-style and behavior one used to have before Ramadan, as this means that he did not improve, there are no accumulative gains, all the gains were instantaneous, gone when Ramadan is over. 

As a poet said:
"Ramadan is over so give us wine o waiter
It misses me and I miss it"

 When after Ramadan one goes back to what he used to do before it, he cancels the accumulation of achievements in his life, as they become related and limited only to a certain period and stage, and they end with the end of that stage. 

Therefore, no progress, no upgrading in one’s life who understands only the month of Ramadan as a season of  worship, commitment, discipline, sharing, giving, reciting Quran, making Duas, seeking Islamic-knowledge, seeking Allah's forgiveness, etc, but goes back after Ramadan to what he used to be before Ramadan.

This noble month was meant by Allah to be a return to Him, making peace with Him, repentance to Him, walking towards Him. But the heroism is to let this 'return' and repentance continue after Ramadan, and to maintain and build up on all the goodness you had in Ramadan for the rest of the year. 

Let the eating and drinking be the only difference between Ramadan and after Ramadan.

Any way, your relationship with Allah the Almighty should not be limited to a certain time. You performed all the acts of worship and then you go back to what you have been before? No! 

All your gains must be cumulative, continuous and keep increasing in quality and quantity till you meet your Lord.

Ten Aamaal (acts of worship) to be continued after Ramadan:

1. Maintaining the regularity of  Fardh Salaah in Masjid and also      praying Nafl salaahs and Tahajjud.
2. Reading a portion of Quran daily.
3. Dua and Istighfaar.
4. Taking some time out for Dhikr/ Salawaat (Durood).
5. Fasting Nafl fasts of Shawwal, Mondays and Thursdays etc.
6. Charity and Feeding the Poor.
7. Good Akhlaaq/ behaviour.
8. Avoiding Sins by adopting Taqwa (particularly, controlling the tongue, eyes and ears).
9. Acquiring Islamic Knowledge.
10. Adopting pious company.

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  1. Ramadan Teaches us Day to day attitudes and manners. It is not easy to Oblige and follow up all but try to take initiative so as you may get the better chances to Bring your Life at right Track.