Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Only Reliable and True Friend:

A person came crying and weeping to Shaikh Shiblee Rahamatullahi alayh and said, 'O Shaikh, I have destroyed myself; make du'aa for me that may Allah take me away from this world. I have a big problem. Make du'aa that may Allah Ta’aalaa take me away from this world.’ 

The Shaikh said, 'Calm down, take it easy, what is the problem?' He replied, 'I had a very close friend, and I loved him very much. We were friends for a very long time. He sacrificed everything for me and I sacrificed everything for him. I had never thought that he will ever leave me but he has betrayed me and has left me. Now my heart is empty. I cannot survive without him. I love him so much that I want him back, and if I cannot have him back, then I want to die.’ 

The Shaikh soothed him and asked him to calm down saying, 'Look, there is no need to lose hope. Why do you want to die when there is a solution to your problem?' 

He quickly said, very happily, 'Tell me what is the solution, tell me quickly! Since he has left me I have not been eating, drinking or sleeping. There is no joy in my life. Please tell me quickly.’ 

The Shaikh replied, 'The only way to forget a friend who has left you is to make a new friend.’ 

He said, 'O Shaikh, after ten to fifteen years of loyal friendship, he has betrayed me and I am suffering. And you are telling me to make a new friend. I fear that if the same thing happens, then what will become of me.’ 

Shaikh Shiblee said, 'What if I find you a friend who will never betray you. In fact, if you are disloyal to him and after years of disloyalty, you go back to him saying O my friend! Forgive me. I want to be your friend again, he will immediately accept you again as a friend.’ 

He said, 'O Shaikh! Show me this friend! Who is this friend that is so loyal.’ 

The Shaikh replied, 'Turn to Allah and make friendship with Him.'

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