Sunday, March 2, 2014

O Broken Heart!

Only Allah can heal the hearts, turn to Him. Accept that whatever comes our way in this life is a test from Him and a trade in return for JANNAH. All our pain and sorrow is not in vain. It is meant to be our ladder to JANNAH. 

Human beings are but agents of God's will. The hand that has given you pain is not fully independent of Allah's will (though it is responsible and has to pay for its acts). None can hurt another with out Allah's permission. 

According to the Hadith (Reported in Sahih Muslim), "this world is like a prison for the Momin" and no one expects to be comfortable or happy in a prison. Rather, suffering & pain is the norm in a prison and so should we expect it in this worldly life. If by chance we get some comforts here, we should be happy and thankful to Allah for the unexpected bounty. 

So move on. Don't get stuck in the past and don't allow it to destroy your future. Turn to The Healer. Submission is the way to Him. May He Heal you quickly.

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