Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shukr (Thanking Allah) after doing Good deeds: Ibn Rajab

As regards one whose deeds are great and many, he must busy himself with showing gratitude for them, for the accord to show gratitude is one of the greatest blessings Allah bestows upon His servant. It is obligatory upon him to meet these deeds with gratitude and realise his deficiency in displaying due gratitude.
Wahb ibn al-Ward (RA), when asked about the reward of a particular deed, said, 'Ask not about its reward, but ask about the gratitude due upon one who was guided to it.'
Abu Sulayman (RA) would say, 'How can an intelligent person be amazed with his deeds? Deeds are one of Allah's blessings, as such it is upon him to show gratitude and to show humility. It is only the Qadariyyah who are amazed at their deeds!' i.e. those who do not believe that the actions of the servant are created by Allah, Mighty and Magnificent.

Extracted from - 'Al-Mahajjah fil Sayril-Dulja' (The Journey to Allah) of Imam Ibn Rajab (RA)

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