Sunday, November 25, 2012

A True Muslim's relationship with Allah: Imam Abu Ali al-Juzjani [RA]

Shaykh Abu Ali al-Juzjani [RA] who when asked about the distinguishing traits of the spiritual traveller (seeker of Allah's pleasure) said:

"Obedience to God is their sweetness; love of God is their companion; God is their need and He is their protector. Righteousness is their nature; with God is their commerce; upon Him they depend; with Him is their intimacy; and in Him is their confidence…The Quran is their speech, gratitude their ornament, the invocation of God their booty… Life is their place of alighting [on their journey], death is their way station; the grave is their citadel; and the Day of Judgment their feast day. [To stand] before God is their most ardent desire, in the shade of the Throne is their gathering place, in [the paradise of] Firdaws is their dwelling and the vision of God the object of their destiny."

From- 'The Stumblings of Those Aspiring'
By Imam Abu 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sulami Al-Naysaburi
Introduced and Translated by Kenneth L. Honerkamp

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