Thursday, November 15, 2012

Donot stop Dhikrullah because of inability to concentrate in it

Donot stop Dhikrullah because of inability to concentrate in it:

 An issue that often times arises when we try to implement adding dhikr into our lives is that we start off excited and really feeling it. We start off feeling like a fish that has just been placed in water after struggling to breathe on land. But then, the feeling starts to fade and we start losing concentration and stop feeling our words. We start feeling that we are speaking empty words and then shaytaan (Satan) comes in telling us that since we are not able to concentrate and also don’t feel it, there is no point in doing it.

 The great scholar and sage, ibn Ataillah Iskandari [RA], says regarding this:

“Do not stop remembering God [Dhikrullah] just because your heart is not present. Forgetting Him completely is worse than being inattentive while you are mentioning him; perhaps He will elevate you from being inattentive to being attentive, and from being attentive to being fully present with Him, and from being fully present with Him to being fully absent from anything but Him; ‘and this is not difficult for God’ (Qur’an 35:17).”

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