Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why do we Neglect our relationship with Allah?

Is our bond with Allah Strong? (Part-2)

by Shaikh Maseehullah Khan Saheb (R.A.)


One should understand, reflect and remember that one should not be satisfied with mere relationship. Social ties exist among us, but we do not content ourselves with the mere existence of such ties. On the contrary, the desire is there to perfect each bond or relationship.

Example of Marriage Relationship:

Thus, it will be realised that the mere concept of relationship with one's wife is extremely weak. It is given force by only two statements (of ijab and qubool proposal and acceptance), and the same bond of marriage is rent asunder by a single word, viz., talaq.

Notwithstanding this, no man contents himself with the mere legal relationship he has with the wife. Every man desires that his relationship with his wife attains perfection. Precisely for this reason no one stops at only the discharge of the obligatory rights, but in order to strengthen the bond and gain the pleasure of the wife, the husband by far exceeds the obligatory demands and rights of the wife and provides a variety of comforts and luxuries out of his own free will and accord.

This attitude of the husband is clearly motivated to strengthen and perfect the bond which exists between the wife and himself. Should the husband regard his wife with a constitutional (or legal) attitude and provide nothing more than her obligatory rights, then inspite of the existence of the legal bond between them, the relationship will be devoid of pleasure and love. In fact, in this attitude lies the danger of renting asunder the relationship.

A relationship will endure only if ways and means are devised to strengthen and perfect it:

Although the marriage bond (i.e. the mere legal connection) is extremely weak, every man finds unbearable and peace shattering its severance. Great pains are undertaken and many a scheme is devised to maintain the endurance of this marriage relationship.

Our Neglect of Relationship with Allah:

When this is the attitude towards a weak relationship, then indeed, it is most astonishing that we remain satisfied with the mere relationship which we have with Allah Taala.

The bond with Allah Taala is the strongest of all relationships. No relationship is comparable with man's relationship with Allah Taala.

What then is the reason for our indifference? Why do we have no fikr (concern and desire) to strengthen that greatest of all bonds? Why are we contented with the mere existence of relationship? And, why do we not regard the perpetuation of this bond to be based upon strengthening it like we do in regard to our worldly relationships?

The mere existence of a relationship is not sufficient for its perpetual endurance. In fact the danger of destroying and eliminating this bond is ever present. Is the elimination of the Divine bond existing between man and his Rabb bearable to anyone?

Never ! Why then is no concern shown for strengthening and perfecting this bond?

Maulana Rumi (rahmatullah alayhi) says:

"0 you who are perpetually engaged in pleasing the wife and

children! How is it possible that you never have time to please your

greatest Benefactor and Creator?"

And, again he says:

"In developing this contemptible world you have no moment to spare.

But, how unconcerned are you of the pleasure of that Creator Who

has arranged and assembled all these bounties? "

Alas! In worldly affairs we cannot bear nor countenance the slightest indifference and imperfection. We are unable to bear the slackening of weak and despicable ties. But in weakening our bond with Allah Taala we do not feel the slightest pang of regret and pain of heart.

Although even the mere relationship with Allah Taala is a great favour, nevertheless to be contented with a weak bond is a grave injustice.

Certain people are even satisfied with the non-existence of relationship with Allah Taala. But they are the kuffaar.

Some others are contented with a weak relationship with Allah Taala. This group is represented by us, the Muslims of today. The effect of this is that we do not value the Mustahabat (Sunnah and Nawafil).

Once Hadhrat Thanvi (rahmatullah alayhi) observed:

"In childhood I was in the habit of performing Nafl Salaat in abundance. Upon studying Muniyatull Musalli I learnt that non-observance of Mustahabat (nafil) is not sinful. Upon realising this, I discontinued the performance of Nafl. At that time I did not realise what I was doing. But, now I have realised that evil condition, for it implied the desire to maintain only a legal relationship with Allah Taala, hence the attitude to only discharge the compulsory duties and neglect those factors which are pleasing to Allah Taala".


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