Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Correct Approach to Wealth: Mufti Shafi RA

Correct Approach to Wealth:

Wealth is the axis of man's needs and necessities. Shari'ah has not only permitted its acquisition, but it has also made its acquisition obligatory to the degree of his needs. Therefore, what is condemned in the Quran and Sunnah is the ‘intense’ or excessive love for wealth that makes one neglectful to one's obligations, and oblivious of the divine injunctions. 

Earning wealth, even saving it according to one's needs, is permissible but having its love in the heart is bad. 

Let us consider the following illustration: When man feels the need to answer the call of nature, he does it out of necessity. In fact, he makes arrangements for it, but he does not develop love or passion for it in his heart. 

Likewise, when one falls sick he takes medication, or even undergoes surgery, but he does not develop attachment for the treatment in his heart. He does it only out of necessity.

The believer should treat the wealth in this way: A believer should acquire wealth as Allah has commanded him, to the extent of his need, save it, look after it and utilize it whenever and wherever necessary, but his heart should not be attached to it. 

How elegantly Maulana Rumi has put it in one of his verses! 

"As long as the water remains under the boat it helps the boat [to sail]; 
but if the water seeps into the boat it sinks it."

Likewise, as long as the wealth is around the heart it would be useful; but  when we let it enter the boat of heart, it sinks it.

-Tafseer Maariful Quran

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