Monday, December 15, 2014

DUA of a repentant sinner: Ibn Jawzi

DUA of a repentant sinner:
My Lord, certainly, I am a weak slave
Who has come before You seeking that which You have to give.
I come before You complaining of the affliction of my sins, 
For can one complain of grief to anyone but You?
Gift me with Your Pardon, my Benevolent Master
For my reliance is on none but You.

My Lord, I have drowned in my own sins,
I ask for Your pardon, Most Generous Lord
By the depth of my poverty and my utter need
For You, my Lord, in times of distress.
I ask You by my weakness, inability, and indigence,
I ask You by what Your Books have guaranteed –
I ask you by Your infinite Mercy.
 (from Imam Ibn Jawzi's Al bahr ad-Damu) 
Arabic and Urdu scans of the above dua:

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