Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Maximum for Dunya and Minimum for Aakhirah?

Our Attitude towards Dunya vs Aakhirah:

 When it comes to the Dunya; we want everything to be the best and the most. And when it comes to Deen and Aakhirah – the so called educated Muslims of today reveal their true Jahalah and ignorance – when it comes to the Aakhirah the 'modern-educated Muslim' says: I want the least. Show me the least I have to do. Show me the bare minimum I have to do; tell me is it really fardh or not? Or is it just Sunnah! Is a certain act Haram or just Makruh? Am I really going to be asked about this? Is it a Kabeera (major) sin or a Sagheerah (minor) sin?!!

Because we are so involved in the extras of this world, we don’t have time for the extra (Nafil) acts or even the necessities of the deen. 

The one who indulges in unnecessary pursuits, sooner or later, will fall in to haram acts. It’s guaranteed. 
Abstinence from over indulgence in Dunya is the key to protect oneself from all Haram things.

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