Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Love of Allah-The Purpose of all things of Deen and Dunya:

"There is nothing for the slave that is better, sweeter, or more relaxing or delightful to his heart and livelihood than loving his Creator, constantly remembering Him, and striving to Please Him.

This is the completeness that the slave cannot achieve otherwise, and this is why the Creation was Created, the Revelation was revealed, the Messengers were sent, the heavens and Earth were established, Paradise and Hell were put forth, laws were legislated, the Sacred House was built and made a place of pilgrimage and this is why Jihād was commanded, and an abode of eternal punishment and torture was prepared for the disbelievers.

This great matter is why the Creed was established, the Qiblah was ordained, and it is what all the affairs of the Creation revolve around."

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