Friday, November 1, 2013

The Spiritually Perfect Haj- Check for yourself!

A seeker studying under Hadhrat Shibli R.A. appeared at a gathering after being absent for some time. Hadhrat Shibli asked where he had been and so this young man answered that he had just returned from Hajj. The following is the conversation that ensued (which gives an idea of the condition of the heart and the spiritual states to be adopted during each step of Haj).

Hadhrat Shibli : “When you took off your clothes in order to don the ihram, did you also make intention of stripping the clothes of sin from your body?”
Student : “No I did not make such an intention.”
Hadhrat Shibli : “Did you make intention to present your whole body and soul in front of Allah when you said Labbaik?”
Student : “No I did not make such an intention.”
Hadrat Shibli : “During tawaf did you realize that you were touching the Right Hand of Allah when you greeted Hajr-e-Aswad with your salams?”
Student : “No I did not realize any such thing.”
Hadrat Shibli : “Did you feel that you were hugging the Messenger of Allah when you hugged the draperies of the Kaaba?”
Student : “No I did not feel that.”
Hadrat Shibli : “When you passed by the door of the Kaaba did you beseech your Lord like a beggar beseeches a king?
Student : “No I did not beseech Him like that.”
Hadrat Shibli : “Did you make intention for total and sincere repentance from all your sins no matter how small when you were at Arafat?”
Student : “No I did not make such a strong intention.”
Hadrat Shibli : “Did you make firm intention to make Satan your mortal enemy when you stoned the devils?”
Student : “No I did not make an intention like that.”
Hadrat Shibli : “Did you make intention to sacrifice your nafs and desires for the sake of Allah when you performed the animal sacrifice?”
Student : “No I did not make an intention like that. I only sacrificed the animal.”

Closing this discussion Hadrat Shibli said to the young man, “My dear child, you have not performed Hajj. You should don the ihram anew next year as if you are going for the first time and perform Hajj exactly as I have taught you.”

These are just some examples of the vast difference between the Hajj of the common man and that of the spiritually awakened  'Friends of Allah' . We should all learn lessons from the lives of these magnanimous people and try to implement these ways in our lives.

-Taken from 'Sermons' of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed D.B.

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