Thursday, February 16, 2012

Effect of Azaan on the Heart

"When you hear the call to prayer given by the Muezzin, let yourself perceive the terror of the Summons on the Day of Resurrection. Prepare yourself inwardly and outwardly to respond, and to do so promptly. Those who are prompt in answering this call are the ones who will be summoned gently on the Day of the Great Review. So review your hearts now; if you find it full of joy and happiness, eager to respond with alacrity, you can expect the Summons to bring you good news and salvation on the Day of Judgment. That is why the Prophet SAWS used to say: “Comfort us, Bilal! For Bilal was the Muezzin and prayer was the joy and comfort of the Messenger."
-Imam Ghazali in Ihya ul Uloom

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  1. The muslim did long hard struggle for estublish the holy Azan.There are pathetic history involved with the holy Azan.