Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tazkiya frees the heart and prepares it for divine presence

"How is it possible for the heart to become celestially illumined (munawwar) when the forms and images of beings other than Allah have become engraved on the mirror of the heart?
How is it possible for such a heart to journey towards Allah Ta'ala while it is fettered in the prison of lustful desires? In fact, how can such a heart ever entertain the hope of entering the Divine Presence while it has not purified itself of the impurities of its neglect?

How is it possible for this heart to entertain the hope of comprehending the subtleties of the spiritual mysteries
when it refuses to abstain from its improper acts? "

- Shaykh Ibn Ata Iskandari in his famous 'Hikam' (Taken from Ikmal-us-shiyam)

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