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Five things for true remembrance of Allah- Part-1

(Taken from Abu Nour's article)
One must remember all those five in order to be a five star believer

1. Remembering Allah's names and attributes. 

 In order to remember Allah, we must remember His names and attributes which entails collecting them, call Allah by them, praise Allah by them and modeling our selves after them.
a-Collecting Allah's names
Allah said:

قل ادعو الله أو ادعوا الرحمن إياً ما تدعوا فله الأسماء الحسنى

17:110{Say: Call upon Allah or call upon Him, the Most Beneficent (Allah), by whatever name you invoke Him, for Him belong the most beautiful names.}

Allah's Messenger said:
[ إن لله تسعة وتسعين اسماً مائة إلا واحدا من أحصاها دخل الجنة]

[Ninety nine names, hundred but one, belongs to Allah. Whoever collects them enters Jannah.]

In another statement, he said

[من حفظها دخل الجنة]

[Whoever preserves, memorizes, them enter Jannah]

Collecting Allah's names depends upon doing four things:

• memorize them.

• understand their meanings.

• comprehend their implications on your conduct.

• monitor your behavior based on your belief in them.

b- Praying through Allah's names

Allah says:

{ولله الأسماء الحسنى فدعوه بها}

7:180 {The Beautiful Names (the Perfect Names) are Allah's, so call Him by them.}

A person who invokes Allah should choose from His names the one that matches his request. If one wants guidance, he should use the name Alhaadee (the Guide). Likewise, if one wants forgiveness, he should use the name Alghafoor (the Forgiver)

c- Praising Allah with His names

For each name there is a unique way to praise Allah. The guided person is the one who Allah shows how to praise Him through all of His Names.

d- Modeling one’s character
Which means a person models himself after Allah's attributes. When it comes to believing in Allah's Names and attributes, a believer must clear his creed from any thoughts that Allah's attributes resemble the attributes of the created order. A great deal of theological mistakes results from assuming that the conditions, limits, and bounds of our finite feeble existence apply to Allah. Allah's nature is exclusive to Him. No one shares with Him His nature or resembles Him. In order to safeguard us from anthropomorphism, interpretation of divine attributes in terms of human characteristics, Allah said:
42:11{Nothing resembles Him.}

With this conviction being strongly fastened to our understandings, I say a person who remembers Allah should try to implement the likes of Allah's attributes in himself. When a person successfully installs the like of Allah’s attributes in himself, this attribute will draw him nearer than ever to His Lord, and make him the object of the Divine love.
That does not mean a person can resemble Allah in His attributes because they are exclusive to Him. However, one ought to try and cultivate the likes of Allah's attributes in him.
Allah is Merciful and loves the merciful.
Allah is knowledgeable and loves those who are knowledgeable.
Allah is Just and loves the just.
Allah is Beautiful and loves those who beautify themselves by obeying His Commands.
Allah is The Forgiver and loves those who forgive.
And, Allah is generous and loves the generous.
The point is that Allah loves His attributes, thus the most beloved to Him among His slaves are those who inculcate in themselves the attributes that He loves.
And the most disliked among His slaves are those characterized with the attributes that do not fit them or that Allah dislikes.
Some of Allah's attributes are suitable for humans to have the likes of them, and some are not. The attributes that are not consistent with our status as slaves of Allah, are not suitable for us such as Pride and Majesty. The presence of these attributes in humans is oppression.

العزة إزاري و الكبرياء ردائي وفي روايه و العظمة ردائي فمن نازعني واحد منها احرقته بالنار      أحمد

[Glory is my lower garment and pride is my upper garment, in another narration, majesty is my upper garment who every tries to acquire one of them I burn him in the fire.]
However, the attributes of Mercy, Kindness, and Generosity are consistent with our status as slaves of the Greatest. Thus having such attributes qualify us to receive Allah's love.
In order to remember Allah, we must remember His names and attributes which entails collecting them, call Allah by them, praise Allah by them and modeling our selves after them.

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