Friday, February 17, 2012

Five things for true remembrance of Allah-Part-3

Star 4. Remembering the Torment and Wrath.

In order to fully remember Allah., we must remember His torment and wrath. It is not befitting of a believer to live his life thinking that Allah's statements of punishment do not apply to him. Allah characterizes believers that they fear him. They do not fear Him because he is an intimidating God. They fear Him because they know He is Just and they are deserving of His punishment. In actuality they fear His torment but not Him personally. Scholars said when believers enter Jannah their love to Allah increases because they see Him and their fear ends because they receive total security. A believer does not fully remember Allah unless he remembers His statements of punishment and retribution. Allah wants us to know that He is severe in punishment.
{و اتقوا الله واعلموا أن الله شديد العقاب}

2:196 {protect yourselves from Allah and know that Allah is Severe in punishment.}
اعلموا أن الله شديد العقاب} الأنفال

8:25 {know that Allah is severe in punishment.}

اعلموا أن الله غفور رحيم و اعلموا أن الله شديد العقاب} المائدة

5:98 {Know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. And Know that Allah is severe in punishment.}

إن ربك سريع العقاب و إنه لغفور رحيم} الأنعام 165
6: 165 {Your lord is quick in punishment and He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.}

نبئ عبادي أني أنا الغفور الرحيم و أن عذابي هو العذاب الأليم} الحجر

15: 49-50 {Inform my slaves that I am the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful. And my torment is indeed the most painful torment.}
Believers who know the magnitude of Allah punishment stay way from disobeying Allah

{قل إني أخاف إن عصيت ربي عذاب يوم عظيم}

6:15 {Say: I fear the torment of a great day, if my Lord I disobey.}
This statement reflects how the mind-set of a believer should be. Whenever evil desires within a believer instigate him/her to do something sinful, or wherever the glitter of life entices a believer to a sinful practice, this Quranic truth should pop up to his mind’s screen.
Many people program their minds that when they are about to do something sinful to send the following message to their mind screen:
Do not worry, be happy, go ahead, because your God is Forgiving and Merciful.

This is not the correct message at this time.
The correct message is the one that stops the sinful practice, not the one that encourages the sinful practice. Thus, a believer does not fully remember Allah unless he remembers His punishment.

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